Memory Lane with Kristen

    Our story begins on July 15, 2010. Kristen was invited along by her friend Alissa Kate, who had booked a shoot with DCP for some Swimwear/Beachwear captures in Melbourne. Kristen had an interest in Modeling and gladly accepted. After signing her 1st MRF "model release form", she jumped right in and dazzled the Lens!
    Kristen continues to hold the record of "The Most Photo Shoots with DCP"! We've both lost count over the years, but agree it's 70+ and still growing.

July 15, 2010 : a few edits from our 1st Photo Shoot 

    Below are some random captures from 2010 - 2018, shooting a little bit of everything. Over the years we've had numerous notable & memorable shoots. One was a shoot with her Pet Snake "Fluffy" who had slithered up onto my lap while Kristen & I were reviewing our work. Thx to Fluffy, I quickly got over any discomforts I may have had with snakes. Bob "her BF at the time and now Husband" was a big help for us with Fluffy. Another time was a swimwear shoot on the beach, the temperature was only 50 degrees with 40 mph winds... and she was in the ocean with 8' waves!
    We have so many wonderful stories to share, one more was at Kelly Park were Kristen "hand made" a vine swimsuit for an Eve look. We also shot a white dress in the water that day with amazing results!

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